Saturday, April 28, 2018

Sidney the Elephant Tells Time

I posted a 1960's Terrytoons Sidney the Elephant book way back in 2011 (see it HERE), and here he comes again in yet another fabulously fun book, this time from 1977, and this time he's tellin' some time through the interactive wonders of a Magic Punch-Out See-Thru Picture Storybook, from Ottenheimer Publishers. Sure, there is a story here too, but that would make the post twice as long page scan wise, and hey, who wants to read when you can just focus on the cute illustrations! Ahem! Okay, also where ever you see the dotted line within the image, just know that's where the Magic Punch-Out See-Thru Picture moment happens --it lifts like a pop-up book flap to reveal the number on the next page underneath. Fun fun fun!

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Mr. Cavin said...

That giraffe is hilarious.