Friday, May 4, 2018

Cowgirl vs. Beach Bunny vs. Wife

Dug up a few more cute vintage postcards from my personal collection-- a double dose of color-litho "bursheen" finished examples from the 1940's, highlighted by a sultry, smokin' (literally) cowgirl, plus a skimpy swimsuit sweetie just a'burstin' at the seam! Fun images that definitely produce a sexy chuckle, just as the surprised fella on his wedding night below noticing that he is indeed now in for the ride of his life-- in more ways than one!

1 comment:

Mr. Cavin said...

You know, the fact that this beach lass hasn't got a nose really kind of freaks me out. I would have assumed it's some kind of war wound, but then there's Hitler doing seaside push-ups in the background. So this is probably from before the war, right? Or maybe a Boys From Brazil thing?

I haven't seen the spurs cartoon before. I dig it. Guess she's a vampire? That guy's night just gets better and better.