Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Travel Posters

In a time when travel bans should be remembered as ancient history (or even as science fiction), let's take a gander at a few travel posters with "REAL" reasons why we wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't travel to certain places around the globe. And this my friends, is about as political as you're ever going to see me get around here!

From the Feb-March 1955 issue of Panic #7, art by Joe Orlando.


Brian Barnes said...

Ah Panic. Only lasted 12 issues (they got in trouble a number of times; ah the good old days when it was MA that threw your comic off the shelves, not MS!) -- Kurtzman was none to pleased about it. Got taken down with the rest of ECs line, which is sad because, I think especially during the early run of Mad, Panic was a bit more sarcastic and biting.

Kutzman was a genius at so many types of comedy, but, IMHO, he always maintained that more silly style. Feldstein and the rest just ended up being mean and bitter, and I think I liked that more :)

The Russian hottie looks a lot like a Wood contribution but Orlando had that same style.

Mr. Cavin said...

Beast Row! Ha! Man, Panic certainly was a cut above. Orlando sure is good at cartooning. Love the bird in the London gag especially. What a great idea for a strip. I just wish they'd done a bunch more: I'd love to have a comprehensive set including hundreds of tourist cities around the globe. I'd link back to this post all the time.

Craftypants Carol said...

Oh man I love the London one!

Mr. Karswell said...

Get another PANIC attack over at THOIA with a Wally Wood spoof of THEM!


Thanks for the comments! :)