Monday, October 25, 2021

The Living Mummy

Mummy Monday is back with a vengeance, and not only do I have a creepy Atlas classic from the December 1952 issue of Spellbound #10 for you, but also some photos of my recently purchased and monsterously magnificent Aurora Mummy model kit-- already built-up and painted so I didn't have to! Kudos to the masterful mystery person who really did a tremendous job on this one, from the moldy old mummy wraps, down to the slithery snake and stonework detail on the base. I've seriously never seen one more perfectly, and realistically executed. I had some photoshoot fun with this one down on the beach by my house too. My nosey neighbor even came out to see what I was doing, regaling me with tales about his own childhood model making memories, which mostly revolved around airplanes. I'll have more monster model kits to share here before the month is over, so please, unlike the mummy-- STAY TOMBED!!!


Craftypants Carol said...

Haha omg that last pic is hilarious.

Brian Barnes said...

That's a crazy good professional paint job. The gray on the bandages is perfect, and dual colors on the stone work ... wow.

Nice photography and angles, BTW, good job!

The Living Mummy is fun -- you know the guy is going to get stuck in an endless living dead -- just how it happens is the question, and it's a great ending!

The large panel on page 3 is great, as the 2nd to last panel. Again, not sure about the colors in this one, why did they wrap a headdress? That's kind of bizarre, but I'll chalk it up to not having enough references or considering the death masks to be part of the mummy. Still, it doesn't change a good tale!

Doc Briar said...

The paintjob is truly impressive. Great find.
Do you collect Marx Toys monster figures? The hunchback in orange plastic was my favorite.

Mr. Cavin said...

Yeah, that third panel on page three is a real showstopper. What a neat way to communicate the spooky cosmic scope of both, a, the aeons of dusty religious death, and, b, the unfathomably trippy sci-fience that are meeting at these crossroads here. I also love every single thing about page one, too.

You know, I think whoever it was painted that mummy model did a pretty good job.

Mr. Karswell said...

As mentioned, I have a few more monster model kits to share before the month is over so stick around, AEET's Halloween Hootenanny is gonna be a helluva ride for the next few days-- stayed broomed, you wacky witches!