Thursday, October 28, 2021

Is Halloween Back from the Dead?

Four days to go until Halloween, and we're celebrating the final stretch of this month with a week of daily posts and lots of spooky old horror comics sprinkled with a little bit of everything else, too! We've got more black cats from the March 1957 issue of Forbidden Worlds #52, as well as a glimpse into some very vintage party items I inherited many years ago, and then recently traded to a more ravenous collector of this era goods-- but thankfully I remembered to photograph everything first! Those old paper mâché jack o'lanterns are wonderfully freaky, I kind of hated to see him go, along with all the other festive thingies. But up first, a beautifully illustrated urban legend from the January 1953 issue of Strange Terrors #6, one that everyone probably knows at this point, because every town has one that's similar, --and seriously now, who doesn't love an eerie good tale this time of year as well? I mean, after a year of pandemic black 'n blues, here's hoping that Halloween makes a glorious return from the dead, too...


Brian Barnes said...

Always like another telling of famous urban legends, no matter how many times I see them in comic form. Some interesting bits in the art, in page 2, panel 5, why the creepiest of all graves in the back, with the half guy? I didn't even notice it at first, and when I did I thought it was turning into a zombie story! Page 3, panel 4 somebody inked the fence over the hand (!!!) It's a good retelling.

The vintage Halloween party items are great! I like the cats/pumpkins the best.

Second story -- at first I was kind of "really" when I saw it was using the movie format of having a "scientist" narrator but it actually works well! He even comes off (correctly) as a huge snob, especially the end where it's "maybe don't be a drunk next time!" Ha! Love it.

Mr. Cavin said...

I like the urban legend retelling; it's just slightly messaged into a fresher shape. I mean, we all know what's coming--but I'm glad that girl finally made it to a dance. Most of the time she's stuck waiting on the side of the road in the rain. I also like the second comic--what, a comic essay about bad luck, I guess? Or an anthology? Either way, it's always nice to see an illustrator who can draw a plausible cat. It's always a little surprising how even regular animals can thwart some comics artists.

Papier-mâché Halloween decorations are so freaking awesome. Is that what you traded for the model kits?

Wendy said...

Rod Serling said that cats were "Satan's familiars". Scooby Doo hates cats. And cats kill squirrels. I think it's a safe bet that cats, black or otherwise, are just evil little sh*ts. They're also plotting to take over the world, as Peter Cushing *spoiler* is, ahem, dying to tell everyone in "The Uncanny".

"Years ago, people used to believe that a cat was the devil in disguise. I’m beginning to think they were right...."

Mr. Karswell said...

Glad you enjoy the post, there's lots lots more on the way, and hopefully I'm not overdoing it with this final stretch blast of daily AEET posts-- everyone do please try to keep up though! hahaha

>"maybe don't be a drunk next time!" Ha!

I need to dig out a few more of these post code entries narrated by this ACG guy, they're pretty cool

>Is that what you traded for the model kits?

No, it was a mix of other things which included 60's / 70's halloween costumes, --and mannequins!

>people used to believe that a cat was the devil in disguise. I’m beginning to think they were right...."

While I do love Scoob, that definitely explains why I am a cat person!
Thanks for the comments-- up next: THE CREECH!!!