Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Green Slime Action Figure!

Monstarz totally knocked it way into the deepest, darkest depths of rubber monster space with this awesome new Green Slime action figure! Identical to the evil aliens in the 1968 sci-fi horror classic, and great packaging too, the tentacles even have multiple points of articulation! A fun figure from a super fun movie, --you really need to crank the theme song (HERE!) while you're playing with him-- and check out this hilarious retro style toy commercial (HERE!) too. Order one (or an army of 'em) HERE!


Brian Barnes said...

Every creature I see with (1) multiple eyes or (2) one big eye or (3) hell forbid, BOTH, I think it's lucky it hasn't run into Link yet!

Mr. Cavin said...

This is most excellent. I mean, the only design improvement I can even imagine is a light-up eyeball. And I'd probably never light it up after the first day, anyway. Everything else about this is perfect.

I like the cheeky use of Milton Bradley's Robotix astronauts in the commercial, too.

Guy Callaway said...

Mind blown.
For whatever reason, I LOVE this film!
To give an idea: I have a copy of the original MGM 45 (killer) theme song.
It was produced by Richard Delvy. He was the drummer in the kinda lame band 'The Challengers'. He's also responsible for the 'Groovy Ghoulies' music. Fact!

Mr. Karswell said...

A fun film that never gets old, for sure! Apparently there's a glow in the dark variant that just came out too!