Friday, May 21, 2021

Harry's Hobby!

Everyone needs a hobby! Over the last few years I'm sure you've all figured out what sort of things float my boat, but for Friday Frights this week, let's check in on henpeckered 'ol Harry and see what bottled-up emotions he's about to unleash, in this crazy tale from the December 1952 issue of Marvel Tales #110. And speaking of bottled-up emotions, you remember my post HERE right? Well, now you can own that same interesting item, as it is currently for sale in my Etsy store. Yep, I have an etsy store, just CLICK HERE to check it out and buy my junk! I'll be adding lots more stuff over the coming weeks, so bookmark it and check back often! You've enjoyed the posts-- now own a piece of Mr. Karswell's Kollection!


Brian Barnes said...

There's some really interesting detail in the art ... the repeated spider (web) motif, the (rat?) page 2, panel 3.

The splash even hints at the trick -- spoilers -- that the rigging is collapsible and you pull it up with strings.

We also get our favorite Atlas 4 panel transform! I like the coloring here, going from dull yellows to bright reds (with the blue fading to black.) That's a really nice use of color!

Yeah Friday Frights!

Mr. Cavin said...

Well, Harry's method of getting stuff into bottles is even more mysterious by the end. Apparently it's a very technical and time-consuming process, and the same skill works with both model ships and human heads. Maybe he made a leather balloon out of Stella's noggin, supported by a telescoping rattan frame he can insert and open up like an umbrella? If so, it's a wonderful likeness and I'm very impressed. I imagine there were plenty of pitfalls; I've seen a lot of bad taxidermy in my time. (But weirdly, every bottled ship I've ever seen has been top notch. Go figure.)

Lovely art. I also really dig the classic Atlas four-panel progression in this one, but I think my aesthetic choice would have been to put Stella's balloons at the bottom of the panels.

I can't believe it's Friday again already! Well, that yesterday was.

Guy Callaway said...

Isn't Harry's 'secret' method how these are made? Granted, I haven't built one in years...or ever, come to think of it.
Okay, I'll be that guy: did NOT see that ending coming! ;)

Mr. Karswell said...

I was wondering if we had any bottled ship builders out there to give us a few pointers or at least some kind of insider scoop on how to fit a human head inside'r! Get it? Harrrr...

Thanks for the comments too! :)