Saturday, February 13, 2021

Magical VD

Love is still in the air-- even after two pregnant posts in a row-- and somehow we've reached Valentine's Eve in reverse order, if you catch my drift. Any 'ol how, to celebrate the wonders of Hallmark's hottest holiday, here's a few vintage kiddie VD cards I picked up over the last year, all magic themed, with two even featuring a clever bit o' slight of hand, via fantastical, mystical, mid century, fold-out technology. Don't just take my hand's word for it-- see for yourselves! 


Mr. Cavin said...

That rabbit kid's some kind of snappy dresser. Patriotic dress breeches (with buckles), tailcoat, turban, and a western tie. That's a time bandit if I've ever seen one.

Wendy said...

Cute and clever Valentines -- yet another casualty of the modern age! I feel like every year it gets more and more difficult to find fun Valentines for friends -- they're either dreadfully boring, or everything on the shelf is a proposal for bedding the recipient. Can we please go back to THESE types of Valentines which are not only appropriate for EVERYone (b/c with a filthy enough mind, I know you can still manage to imagine some sexual innuendo with a lot of them, so if bedding is your goal, you're still covered too), but are also so stinkin' adorable and well illustrated that 70 years later people still want to hold onto them???

Brian Barnes said...

Al Jaffee did it better :)

I was always creeped out by the weird "adult-children" in these cards, but the art certainly is cute!