Saturday, August 1, 2020

Snatch A Match

A lotta bit cute, and a lil bit naughty pop-up matchbook I found the other day, made in 60's Taiwan, and definitely designed to heat things up fast! First off, the intriguing illustration on the front cover-- is she smoking an imaginary cigarette, or blowing on the barrel of a imaginary smoking gun? If it's the first option, then she's gonna need a light, and there's nothing imaginary about our matchbook. So let's do what the cover says and "Snatch a Match" for the lovely lady, and yes, suddenly we understand that "snatch" now has a double meaning! Two tiny paper legs pop-up and spread outwards, and a colorful, cute little nudie Ado Mizumori-esque nymph gives us a lil wink-- while also requesting us to "Screw It!" A small square of black rough paper (which I've somehow lost in my car somewhere) is also included for you to cut out tiny patch shapes to apply in the magic zone between her legs, thus creating a match striking area! Come on baby light my fire! *wink!


Brian Barnes said...

I really like the bright 60s art of the nymph!

Craftypants Carol said...

I think she's rubbing glistening gloss all over her supple lips.

The dif between the cover art and inside art is hilarious. I freaking love this match book so much. I can't believe anyone ever used them.

Mr. Cavin said...

It's wonderful. I like Craftypants' take on the cover action, which works especially well because of the misaligned red. But the cover lady could be picking her nose. I'm kinda challenged by the shift in styles between the front and inside, though. I like both for sure, but it feels so much like a suspicious bait and switch. Surprise! Like the prank was originally supposed to be an x-rated set-up with a wholesome, cute cartoon let-down on the inside--but then they went ahead and left all the x-rated stuff in, anyway.

I hope you find the pubic strike pad in your car.

Mr. Karswell said...

I think she’s actually just holding her finger up to her lips and telling you all to “shush” ;)