Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Put the UN in Cooking Fun

Has it really been 6 years since I posted a cooking with soda recipe booklet? Wow, it's definitely time to fix that, and what better time to do so than a few days before Thanksgiving-- just in time, in fact, to give you a few bonus ideas for adding some UN fun to your big holiday menu! This is a lovely little booklet, by the way, published by The Seven-Up Company right here in STL MO in 1969. Super simple, yet perfect design, great illustrations and colors (I totally love the hand lettering!), and of course lots of tasty, soda pop flavored recipes to whet your whistle! From appetizers to desserts, to main course and special drinks... I for one am trying the 7Up Pancakes --but as usual will be switching it out with my fave-- Mountain Dew!

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)


Armpit Studios said...

I've never liked the taste of 7up, but I have a total soft spot for their logo and marketing.

Mr. Karswell said...

Agreed. Back in the 70's it was a constant staple in our fridge, and it seemed like it was specifically used for mixed adult beverages ONLY. When it came to clear pop, I actually preferred Teem... unfortunately, it was discontinued by the mid 80's.

Craftypants Carol said...

Wow this is awesome! I remember the other posts too! I think one of them is where I got one of my fave curried chicken and rice casseroles!

I love the lettering too. I think I'll make the braunschweiger dip and the cranberry orange bread. But I wont eat them at the same time ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, Karswell!

JMR777 said...

The mother of one of my coworkers makes 7 Up cake, though she won't reveal the recipe.

I wonder of Sprite could be used as a substitute for 7 Up in these recipes.

Mr. Karswell said...

>I'll make the braunschweiger dip and the cranberry orange bread

Full report, CPC!!!

>Sprite could be used as a substitute for 7 Up in these recipes.

Pretty certain you could sub in any type of soda that suits your fancy! :)

Mr. Cavin said...

Man, am I the only one here who loves 7 Up? Even if I hadn't preferred the dialed-down sweetness and up-the-nose carbonation, I still had Geoffrey Holder telling me how crisp it was back when he was the coolest of the cool. That's good enough to persuade me.

I liked Canada Dry ginger ale and most kinds of tonic water with quinine, too. Mighta been a weird kid, but I never caught malaria! (Knocking on wood...)

I love the art on this thing. I never know how commercial artists get that mottled color texture, but it was certainly all the rage in the seventies. Ink wash and dab? Dry marker stipple? Color tissue cutouts? I don't know how they do it, but I love it. The cover is here is wonderful, but I think I love the citrus-eyed smiley face cutting board best.

Happy Black Friday! I almost didn't see this down here.

Mr. Karswell said...

I'll drink 7Up, it's just not my fave-- there are definitely way better sodas out there to quench my thirst.

And you're guess is as good as mine on some of that texture artistry in the booklet, but I sure would enjoy a return to this type of booklet illustration for sure!