Saturday, October 5, 2019

View-Masters of Horror (PART TWO)

My wishful thinking "View-Masters of Horror" series wouldn't be complete without a few examples of Talking View-Master reels too! Check my last post for part one in case you missed it, by CLICKING HERE-- BOYYYYYY!!!


Mestiere said...

Wow, I've seen them all, even Messiah of Evil.

It might work as novelty items. They would have to be directed at adults who have already seen these movies. You couldn't get the story of Salem's Lot in 21 pictures. Also, movie View Masters were not usually in 3-D like the the ones about TV shows. I had the Superman and Close Encounters ones and they were a little disappointing because of that.

Caffeinated Joe said...

Maybe some company will pick up on this idea, since so many are catering to fans of stuff like this these days. Like the Halloween III figure set that was announced this week. Very niche - or maybe not so much, anymore?

Mr. Cavin said...

it does seem like it would be possible to make aftermarket View-Master reels that would work in the legit viewers. I assume they are basically 16mm film positives matted to square. There's an Etsy project for someone.

I love all of these. But I think HAUSU would have been the one that sounded the best on View-Master.

Jim said...

Kodak has a program on their photo editing software which will allow you to make anaglyphic 3-D pictures from sequential still frames.