Friday, October 25, 2019

At the Movies: The Splatter Version + Veep Show

I struggled for a bit about where to post this stuff, here or over at THE HORRORS OF IT ALL, and ultimately decided here was just fine, and then I'd simply link it at the end of the current precode post over at THOIA as well. But this is a great "Horror and Fantasy Issue" from an 80's National Lampoon issue (more coming in the next post as well), and it's not only a super spoof of Siskel and Ebert's "At the Movies", but also on precode horror comics (and presidents) and Creepshow, making it the perfect "thumbs up" must read for this Halloween / politically shit-caked season!


Mestiere said...
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Mr. Cavin said...

Really got to give Bob Camp some props for his sweet Jack Davis impersonation here. I mean, this was way more hit than miss, and Jack ain't as easy to emulate as some. And Bob had little leeway, frankly. Like Mestiere, I noted that the the words kind of crowded out the art--but then again, I guess the art is usually considered second fiddle in a satire mag.

My real heartthrob from today's post is the Siskel and Ebert send-up. I sat through so many hours of that show when I was a kid (probably almost as many hours of that as I endured George Bush Sr.). The writer really nailed it. And even though I never really warmed to the Kuberts, I have to say this was a pretty fine parody art-wise, too. Thanks for posting it!

Mr. Karswell said...

A lot of the NL humor went way over my head in my younger years, but I'm really digging these back issues I've been picking up lately, so you'll likely be seeing more in future posts!

Thanks for the comments!