Friday, May 11, 2018


You wanted the best... you got the best... the hottest soda in the land-- well, you do have to refrigerate 'em! That's right, one of my all time favorite bands has now teamed up with Rocket Fizz on some sweet ass pop that is actually pretty damn rockin': KISS Destroyer Kola, KISS Cherry Kola, and there's even a KISS Army Root Beer (not pictured-- as I'm not really a fan of root beer and I wanted to try out the KING KONG Cola instead-- and it's also quite delicious!) All 3 are bold and flavorful, though the cherry kola kind of left a cough droppish after-taste in my mouth. Still way better than Cherry Pepsi though! The bottle labels are an equally ass kickin' highpoint here, nicely designed, with one based on their fan club logo, and the others based on two of their best 70's album releases as well! And OMG the KONG label is super awesome as well --see image below!

Available at all Rocket Fizz locations, or you can order online too by clicking HERE!

And who won the taste test, you ponder? For my taste buds, it's a clear tie as the monsters of rock can easily hold their own with a monster from Hollywood!

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Mr. Cavin said...

Yeah, the only cherry colas I've ever liked at all are North Carolina's own Cheerwine (the king, absolute best ever) and those drinks I've mixed myself with Coke and Fanta.

But you need to take a picture drinking the cherry cola while reclining on your new throw rug, I think.