Friday, April 19, 2013


Got a few more vintage Barbie posts coming up shortly, but first we'll be filling our birthday scream holes with mouthfuls of Jell-O brand gelatin recipe action for fellow blogger friend and Jell-O enthusiast extraordinaire Crafty Pants Carol who turns another year older today-- so have a great one and I'll have the Ambrosia Parfait, thank you! Not sure what year this grand booklet came out (60's?), but I'm a sucker for vintage food photos (love those aspics) and anything containing delicious, jiggly Jell-O certainly gets my vote! I'm most curious about the Barbecue Salad (pictured below in unfortunate black and white) with it's wild tangy BBQ cubes! Oh, and if anyone needs additional information for anything pictured below, just drop me a line, I'll be more than happy to scan the full page recipes for you. In the meantime, feast your eyes on these incredible edible works of art-- and dig in!


Crafty C said...

OMG! my mind has just been blown! i have been rendered stunned and speechless by the images of olives and radishes and other unidentified things free-floating in gelatin!!!! and the cubes in the Crown Jewel Dessert pie!!!!! omg!

you must be living in a fantasy world if you think i wouldn't be asking you for the recipe for the jell-o barbeque cubes.

wow. i really was not expecting this. i don't know where you find these things but this is the freaking jackpot as far as i'm concerned. i'm seriously honored and touched.

thank you! :)

Crafty C said...

every year for xmas my mom used to make a big layered jello dessert in a see thru bowl that i think was called a Ribbon Salad or Ribbon Dessert. it was layers of red and green jello with light cream cheese mixed with lemon jello layers in between. i loved that thing.

Mr. Karswell said...

My aunt's speciality as a kid was Rainbow Jell-O... same thing you're talking about, different colored Jello layers with a whipped cream cheese layer in between each. The adults always ribbed her about it, but everyone ate the shit out of it more than the cousins broccoli velvetta

Brian Barnes said...

Strange mystery of the universe: I like Jello. Jello is fine. It's colorful, it's tasty, it has a fun texture. Yet ...

... you can make the most ghastly horrors from it.

Shrimp floating in jello the color of raw sewage from the local treatment plant? And below, tape worms in Jello over various ground CHUD pieces encased in acrylic Jello?

Uh ... no :)

Happy Birthday, CP Carol!

Mr. Cavin said...

I too think the Crown Jewel pie slice looks totally marvey, like edible Eric Carle tissue collages. I'd also eat that gorgeous Rainbow Cake and the Multi-Stripe Delight in the last scan (and for my money, that last one should totally be spiked by frat boys). I'm much less certain about shrimp being served in a jello ashtray. I hate jumping to conclusions, but I prefer to keep my bugs and horse feet on separate plates.

I love any gelatin dessert in a glass. They are almost too beautiful to eat, like a gorgeous fruit lava lamp.

Happy birthday Crafty Pants Carol.

Crafty C said...

thanks you guys!

Mr. Karswell said...

I'll try anything once, even seafood Jell-O combos-- if it's yucky I'll just spit it out and scratch it off the list. Hell, I hate olives but I'd still try that Ring Around the Tuna dish!

Ok, back to the World of Barbie-- NEXT!