Sunday, April 21, 2013

Living Barbie '69

I've posted a variety of vintage Barbie catalogs here at AEET over the years (check the archive) featuring gorgeously painted / illustrated images of the dolls and all their colorful accessories. To change things up a bit, here's a catalog from 1969 that instead uses cute photographic images of the actual dolls wearing the clothes, plus carrying cases, the family house, the Mattel-O-Phone, Pretty Pairs Playmates and other neat extras. Was this the year that Barbie became more "living" and articulate / posable? I'm no expert so if anyone knows anything drop us a line. And wow, I never realized Barbie had so many different friends either. I love the names of some of these Guruvy sixties outfits, like: Flower Wower, Anti-Freezers, Lamb 'N Leather (??!!), Rik Rah Rah, Burrr-Furrr, and seriously-- just what kind of snakes will friend Francie be charmin' in outfit #1245, anyway? More Barbie fun and adventure up NEXT!


Crafty C said...

wow. there are so many outfits here that i love that i would pretty much just have to list them all. but i especially love the boots for the Daisy Crazy and Lamb 'n Leather outfits! and the fluffy slippers with the Lemon Fluff outfit! and i soooo want a Twist Stacey but also want it to come with Twist Francie and Twist Casey's outfits.

the male dolls outfits are cool too - but the Guruvy Formal outfits kill me!! i love that 60s no collar look.

i had the Mattel-O-Phone with the records and the groovy hangers - but that's pretty much it. these clothes were a few years too early for me.

and i'd love to see that Barbie magazine!!

god i love this stuff! i wish i had all my Barbies and Skipper and my Six Million Dollar man now!

Mr. Karswell said...

Oh, you wanna see a Barbie magazine, eh?

Crafty C said...


Mr. Cavin said...

Is that gonna be the one with the Barbie astronaut?

I like a lot of this stuff, but it seems to me that the Julia clothes are far superior. I'm not sure about that pageant dress, but the other three are pure gialli. Julia would probably look better in the space helmet too, come to think of it. She's got the better hair-do.

Speaking of that, I am not digging Barbie's gackly bangs look on those first couple of pages. I do, however, totally love the Talking Barbie (and to some degree the Twist), because she looks just like Barbara Eden. Meow.

Mr. Karswell said...

We shall see Barbie in a variety of interesting situations, including outer space! Stay tuned...