Friday, May 24, 2024

Stick-It-To 'Em

Fleer produced a ton of great non-sport trading card sets in the 70's, and the Stick-it-to-'em collection from 1976 was no exception. Defiling your friends, enemies, businesses, and other random surfaces everywhere was never so much fun as laying one of these sticky insult stickers on 'em! So far I've only found 17 from the 66 card set, and here they are featuring great artwork by what appears to be an excellent assortment of cartoon talent. I'll do a follow-up post if I find more...


Brian Barnes said...

Aside from a couple exceptions, I like the heavy lined art style (which I suspect was added later and not by the artist.) It gives each one a similar look even with different artists, and I think it's so the stickers (which were probably relatively card sized) ... er ... stick out better.

Favorites: I love the white shine highlights on the phone calls, the expression on lunch box, and the absolutely weird "nurds" keep out. I mean, that sticker has a lot of connotations I could imagine!

BTW there's a weird centering problems in some of the cards. I mean, it's my OCD and not really a problem, but the vertical centering is weird in a couple of them. "I need a bath" for instance.

Mr. Cavin said...

Both the "recycled food" stickers have great art, perfectly examples of that seventies gross-out satire vernacular popularized by MAD. The first one, targeting a restaurant, is the one that made me laugh hardest today. I love to imagine people putting these things to use. Can you imagine walking out the door and seeing a "Reject" sticker slapped on your car? Oh my god I would kill somebody. And yet, in the seventies, I would have stickered someone else property in a hilarious heartbeat. Probably why it's so hard to find these collectibles today.

I also really liked the "bugged telephone" art.