Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Six Whole Minutes of Golden... SILENCE!

Stumbled upon this hilarious novelty record yesterday, released by Vacuum (har) Records in 1959. It's a foagie-friendly gag most likely put into existence in righteous retaliation to that awful new Rock 'n Roll trend that all the kids were being so loud about around the time. Boy, they sure showed them!  Played at any speed (har 2), each side features 3 whole minutes of pure, unadulterated silence. And yes, they still bothered cutting grooves into the vinyl, you know, so that your turntable needle can actually have something to do while you're sitting there being a grinning 'ol fuddy duddy. Be sure to read the funny "long-play" releases that were also available, as listed on the back cover. (PS: Youtube link not required.)


Brian Barnes said...

Who is Lydia Pinkham, I hear you saying? If you go to wikipedia, she's a quack who sold "women's tonics." I mean, yeah, there I'd take some golden silence!

I can't find any information on a singer, but ol' Lydia was so well known for her tonics that there was a bawdy drinking song about it, which turned into a pop hit in 68, which *could* be what they are mentioning.

Look, yeah, ha ha, cute, whatever, but do a little research for your joke product!

I hope there isn't really a Lydia Pinkham, singer, who got her entire career erased by the other Lydia!

BTW there is a "Lydia E. Pinkham Superior Orchestra" which has scant information about it. So maybe that's it?

Mr. Cavin said...

I hear if you play it backwards you can sense the Devil ignoring you.