Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Judge Not the World Through a Key-Hole

Deep dive through a big box of very old paper items, and found this clever antique greeting card. I'm so glad I also found the missing corner which had broken off at some point, and that I could repair it too! A die-cut AND textured piece of vintage ephemera-- what a score! And fyi: nobody is judging anybody for thinking what they thought they initially saw / thought through the key-hole!


Mr. Cavin said...

I was pretty darned impressed that guy was retaining his monocle in that first picture--visual acuity, I thought, must be a pretty important part of the process for this gent! Turns out he just needs it to read the bottle labels. So yeah, disappointed.

Great card! I'm certainly glad you were able to find the corner.

Brian Barnes said...

(c) Spencer's Gift, 1820!

This is a fun little gag, but it cheats a bit (like the color of the dress at the hips) and frankly, if I snuck up behind a women to put something on a serving tray like that I might end up being seen through the keyhole of a jail cell!

JMR777 said...

Perhaps Mr. Monocle is the sweetheart/betrothed/husband to the lady with the tray, and is speaking sweet words to her ears as she prepares to serve cocktails to her guests.