Monday, January 15, 2024

Hail Satyr!

I found another great, late nouveau era match safe this week (my third this year!), and as much as I'd like to believe that it's Satan, it is obviously more along the lines of a satyr, probably even The Great God Pan himself (see his curled ram horns, cluster of grapes, and flowers in his hair.) Made of heavy duty cast iron, he's an imposing face of freaky fertility glaring down from the wall. And though meant to be mounted by a fireplace (because it's a match safe after all), I think he compliments my framed antique print of the ever fertile "Enchantress" by Rolf Armstrong a bit better, --and I especially love the shadowy lighting and highlight assist from my office lamp below...


Brian Barnes said...

Didn't know there was such a thing as a match safe -- but yeah being vintage I can certainly see the utility.

Another really nice sculpt and the side lighting gives it a really cool look; also good placement it really fits in with the frame!

Mr. Cavin said...

Agreed with everybody! The dramatic, ahem, chiaroscuro effect of the lamplight is fabulous over that frame. In many of these pix the pieces seem to match perfectly. I'd love to have an ornate frame with a leering satyr finial now that I know just how good that would look.

Swell find!

JMR777 said...

I believe the horned one is either a satyr or Pan, since either would be a bit scandalous but still acceptable in the 19th and early 20th century.

Pan/satyr would be the kind of thing found in a gentleman's game room or study, one of those risqué items that the gents of another time would have around along with peepshow canes and the like.

I could imagine a Hammer or Amicus film featuring this match safe as something the head of the coven would have, hiding his allegiance to ol' Scratch in plain view.

From the pics taken, the match safe takes on a sinister look with the lighting and shadow effect.

Another great find, Karswell!