Friday, December 22, 2023

Scrappy Christmas

I recently found a handful of Scrappy Christmas Tree Lights made by Mazda Lamps in 1934. They're actually just multi-colored celluloid covers featuring cartoon character decals glued to the outsides, (which then attach over a strand of xmas lights, thus colorfully illuminating your tree.) I've seen a set of these themed with Disney characters as well, but this one is Columbia Pictures favorite kid terror, Scrappy, plus all the gang, and even includes Santa himself! We get them running around with a rifle, eating xmas pie, and just generally doing all kinds of the wonderfully bratty stuff you see 'em doing in the great old b/w cartoon shorts-- and luckily, I scored one of each cover color variation! Have a great holiday, everyone!


Mr. Cavin said...

Hey those are neat. It's cool to see Scrappy in color. Do you have a string or lights they work with? It's been so long since I bought Christmas decorations that I don't know if old fashioned blinking light bulbs are even still available.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve.

Brian Barnes said...

Those are real survivors and I like the rubbery art style or old cartoons which translates well here.

Those old bulbs were hot, I suspect these didn't last long so this is a really nice set.

JMR777 said...

Interesting find, Santa looks kind of tired on these. I guess he is worn out having to deal with Scrappy's antics.

Happy Holidays to you Karswell and to all fans of AEET andTHOIA.