Sunday, December 31, 2023

I Married a Zombie

If you just got massacred over at THOIA HERE, then welcome to the next stop in your New Years Evil midnight plans! It's another classic cut from the joltin' June 1953 issue of Astonishing #25. So let's ring in 2024 with a real dead ringer-- out with the mold and in with the grue-(some!) Yes friends, this creepy corpse parade / conga line ain't over until the fat lady screams... HAPPY NEW FEAR!


Bill the Butcher said...

What a pity the title gives the whole plot away.

Mr. Karswell said...

What’re you, new to reading horror comics?!

Mr. Cavin said...

Aw, the patented Atlas three-panel progression is squeezed down into a one-panel space in the middle of page five. It's so cute! I like the idea that zombies are prowling the city in their red convertibles, looking for--well, not victims but friends. It's so companionable. And dig how dad turns into Tor Johnson by the end. So creepy.

Happy New Year!

Brian Barnes said...

That last page is really interesting; the sudden vertical panel makes me wonder if there was a quick rewrite or a page had to be removed. There's good stuff on that page, the second to last panel where the zombie is being casual is a lot of fun.

Again, I always love how zombies are very plot driven; in a EC mag they might be dripping goopy messes; here they are hot red heads that evidently don't smell like zombies and have good fashion senses!

I love how fast this goes horror; the parent's house is a haunted house and the first image of the mom nearly has her hands rubbing together. Should have run then, you fool!

JMR777 said...

"The dead never eat" yet Edward took Miriam out to dinner, wouldn't he have noticed her not eating?

It sounds boring being non-alive-not quite dead- never eating, just walking around town or driving all the time, etc.

A question that needs to be answered, was Miriam born before or after the family became zombies?

I heard or read somewhere that if one wants to experience immortality then they should lock themselves away in a room with nothing but one chair, no books, magazines, radio, TV, record player, phone or internet, and just sit quietly in said chair for twenty-four hours. Living like that isn't living forever, it's a living death.

Anyway, this was great zombie fun. Thanks as always Karswell.

Todd said...

Generally not a fan of zombie stories, but I quite like this one. The zombie isn't mindless—but the robber sure is!