Saturday, November 12, 2022

Making Mr. Barlow PT. 2

That's right, PT. 2... did you miss PT. 1? Just CLICK HERE for it. So okay, picking up where we left off in the previous post: I had the amazing Death Studios "Vampyre" Mr. Barlow display mask and hands, as well as the velvet cape / decorative collar piece that I fashioned out of an old halloween costume-- now I just needed to dig out some of my own tight black clothing: shirt, pants, socks (it's actually kind of funny to think about a monster like Mr. Barlow putting on socks for the evening), and then wrap all of it around a sturdy, standing framework. Lucky for me, --though unlucky for Macy's department store-- a local mall here has closed down, and most of the MIA stores there have been selling off their display fixtures and fashion mannequins for dirt cheap. Thankfully when I got there, they still had one very tall male mannequin, minus the head, and complete with metal supportive stand. Dressing the mannequin took mere minutes, as I'm sure by now, most of you already know I collect vintage mannequins and do dress application daily. Adding the final touch of monster mask and the ghastly, livid hands and HOLY OMG MOLY he looked perfectly terrifying, --even scaring all of the bugs out my work garage in seconds! The cape was of course too short, but I wanted to wait until I got him inside to extend it to the floor anyway, to avoid getting it dirty from the garage that I never sweep. You'll have to scroll all the way to the end of this post for a few of the long cape indoor pix. 

Okay, so now I have Mr. Barlow himself finished, what next? Surely he needed a victim. In the previous post I tested him out a'creepin' on a nun, but it just felt kind of meh. Then I started mulling over the idea that a victim could be more interesting with something that was sort of hinted upon in relation to the doomed Susan Norton character in Salem's Lot. Taking that thought a few steps further, we've also all seen that in every version of  Dracula he has a stable of beautifully devoted brides, --so couldn't Barlow have some as well? 

Stay tombed for the third and final, fright-filled act-- THE BRIDES OF BARLOW! 


Mr. Karswell said...

Okay, as everyone can see I managed to get the part 2 post up... I don't think the blogger glitch is fixed, I just figured out a way around it. Anyway, enjoy-- part 3 will be up shortly

Mr. Cavin said...

I love all these excellent pics! This series of blog posts oughta sell a bunch of these masks. The view they give you at the official Death Studios site is way more limited that what you're giving us here.

Brian Barnes said...

It's the little things that can sell an image -- and the slight slant of his head off to the right gives him a more menacing look, as if he's examining his latest victim.

Mr. Karswell said...

We'll all see exactly what Mr. B is examining in PART 3 --HERE!:

Thank you for the comments :)