Monday, March 7, 2022

Return of the 1920's Boudoir Lamp Dolls (PART TWO)

Following-up the previous post HERE with the other 1920's antique boudoir doll parts I purchased with the redhead, and this time we have a blonde, and though she is missing her clothing and inner lamp frame / electrical bits, she's still pretty wonderful none the less. A very cute, old-timey painted face (similar to my Munzerlite boudoir doll HERE,) and a truly lovely head of hair, blondie is in overall very good condition aside from a few fingers missing on her left hand. Her hips are labeled "Biskeloid" which I know nothing about. I do hope to find her a pretty outfit, something fashionably correct to her own time era ASAP, --I mean, it is still winter here in the midwest after all!


Brian Barnes said...

I found one reference in a doll site: and Biskeloid was "unknown." Oh well! Looks like a lot of these got made in Germany, in the early 1900s, though I've seen dolls with similar marking for sale and they say Holland.

And, of course, this is something anybody can google but it was interesting. If not creepy. There's a lot of creepy half dolls!

She kind of reminds me of Madeline Kahn!

JMR777 said...

A handkerchief or paper towel would serve as a temporary dress until a suitable outfit can be found, since going au naturel in wintertime is never a good idea, doll or otherwise.

Mr. Cavin said...


Yeah, heh, originally I thought that it was going to end up meaning she was Dutch. Then I thought maybe the difference between "bisque" and "bisceloid" stamps would indicate she was German. But then I think I found French dolls marked this way, too. Maybe from Alsace-Lorraine? I know nothing about dolls.

But I know what I like! And these superb, luxurious (Weimar?) eyelashes are excellent. And she looks so modern: Her eyebrows are just exactly like the ones worn by kids today. I am definitely very impressed by the state of her antique face paint. It usually only takes me about half an hour to smudge mine, but here's lass who knows how to keep her fingers away from... oh gosh. I'm sorry ma'am. I didn't even think.

I'm looking forward to seeing her dress when you find one. Naked like this, she's a bit too Hans Bellmer for comfort.