Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Too Fast for Love

 "Livin' on a jet, makin' love to someone else's dreeeeam, say it again!" Oops, wrong "Too Fast for Love!" But this torrid tale of midcentury teenage love and lust from the December 1950 issue of Teen-Age Romances #13 (art by Matt Baker) manages to instill its own lurid levels of troubled angst and tender turmoil just as the bad boy band did that penned one of the greatest teen anthem rock 'n roll records of the early 80's, --if not of all time! Yes sir, we're looking at sketchy scary romances over at the recently revived, The Horrors of it All blog, so we might as well do it here too in the name of Valentines! "Do you know what I meeean? Do you rememmber?"


Brian Barnes said...

"Ed's parties are very rough. At his last one, the neighbors called the police."

I guess the 100s of college parties I went to were all "rough." I had no idea I hung around that crowd. Hell, 10% of band practices had a show by the police!

BTW, that's a great "falling" panel. It's got good action AND it's good girl art, at the same time. Bravo, Baker!

Mr. Cavin said...

I really like the slow-burn start to this story. No bunch of melodramatic flashbacks or skipping from one thing to another, just a couple strolling around on a boat, thinking thoughts and talking them over. For a romance comic, this seems pretty mature. And Baker hits out of the park. There's a lot of narrative here, but the art feels like it has plenty of room to breathe. I even like how all those words are organized on the page, keeping everything nice and clear. Super work.

And now I've got the Donnas stuck in my head (wink).

Guy Callaway said...

Hooters & heartbreak: I think most can relate to that!
Really, I can't divine who these mags were aimed at.