Sunday, February 6, 2022

Nice (Leg) Work

I found this old 1940's copy of US Camera magazine last week, and lo and behold simultaneously found an article detailing my one true calling. Yes, I'm not sure why I spent half my life working in record retail and video rental shops, and then more recently doing graphic design and healthcare tech / medical assistant work (I don't really count publishing horror comics as a job, fyi!) But here it is, laid out with action packed photos, and to call it my dream job would be the understatement of the half century+ that I've been alive. Lucky 'ol Zoltan Farkas, hardly even looks like work, eh?


Brian Barnes said...

This blog post is so very pulchritudinous!

You could drop many of the lines from a camera/pin-up magazine to Parts: The Official Magazine of the Body Parts Trade without much editing!

Evelyn Johnson certainly earned her pay for the day, the guy is basically hanging her from every rope or wire he's got!

Mr. Cavin said...

One thing's for sure, I feel like I've learned an awful lot about photography just now.

Guy Callaway said...

Wow...I dig the whole 'Camera Club' idea, but this went in directions I wasn't prepared for! What a find.
Speaking of those shoots, search 'Spider Pool', one of the iconic locations.