Monday, November 15, 2021

Sadie Hawkins Day

Speakin' of Li'l Abner, on this day in 1937, Al Capp unleashed "Sadie Hawkins Day" upon the world in his fabulously funny and incredibly illustrated syndicated adventures set in good 'ol Dogpatch U.S.A. If you're not familiar with what this saucy day represents, I'll let good 'ol Wikipedia learn ya, HERE! A very funny story arc, and proved to be one of Capp's finest and most endearingly memorable comic strip moments, as it was immediately adopted into an actual pseudo-folk holiday and still celebrated (typically on November 13th) annually around the country. Columbia Pictures even produced a fun li'l animated film short version in 1944 --which you can watch HERE! If'n that ain't enough, I even have the Super 8mm film (see the pic below!) And land sakes, if all that runnin' 'round 'n bein' chased by lusty li'l ladies leaves ya parched, I've included a few good 'ol orange sody pop ads too-- Lil' Abner themed, of course! 


Brian Barnes said...

Ah, the Shmoos. Always add some weird creatures to your comic (see The Jeep.)

It's neat to see the time when ads liking famous (very very famous as in Capp's creation) were drawn by the actual artist, not so much the film cover unless Capp was extra drunk that day!

I haven't read a lot of Lil' Abner but what I have I like. Capp was an ... "interesting" character to say the least.

top_cat_james said...

I sincerely doubt Capp ever did the artwork for ads and licensed products--From what I've read, he greatly reduced his drawing time on the strip as the years went by. Needless to say, he hired very talented ghost artists, including a young Frank Frazetta.

Mr. Karswell said...

Speaking of, I just realized I have a ton of pix of Dogpatch USA related things on my phone (from earlier in the year) that I never shared with ya'll... might get to that later this month, as I seriously need to remove some stuff from my phone. Thanks for the comments