Friday, September 10, 2021


I had a rather busy week so todays Friday Frights Vampire Edition is a bit short, but ever so sweet, --a one page quickie from the October 1975 issue of Beyond the Grave #2. I'll make up for it midweek with something non-batty, and extra gruesome for you other pain in the necks *wink!


Brian Barnes said...

Fun little ditty, and I'll forgive the weird logic of demanding the guys address and bringing him home while he was actively assaulting people! It was obviously needed to move the story along.

I don't know this artist but I like what I see; it's amateur in a lot of ways but also reads pretty well. Checked his credits, he did a lot of underground comics work, and was in an issue of Creepy so I'd have seen him before.

Note a fan of the underlining in text balloons, though.

It's hard to make a good EC-ish story in a page, so good job, creators!

Doc Briar said...

This is a Reader's Digest horror comic story with the buildup removed and reduced to a set up and punchline. The art itself appears squeezed down and stunted. Still, I like it.
The guy is allowed to roam around after assaulting people because he probably lives in NY city.

JMR777 said...

Charlton doesn't get much love, but their artists could turn out fun little gems like this one.

Charlton, the poverty row of horror comics, but better B movie horror than no horror.

Mr. Cavin said...

Ha ha! Swell! I dig that panel where the cop catches up with the guy: Just grabbed him by the cape and hauled him up off the ground with one hand! Wow, man. I think I'd give up my address, too.

Love that Ditko cover.

Guy Callaway said...

"Charlton doesn't get much love"

That's because they were awful?
I think if our boy ditched the cape, he would've been better off.
I'm okay with capes, but when/why did the GIANT collar thing become canon for vampires?
To this day, ANY horror-themed sitcom (particularly from the Diznee factory) features someone as 'Dracula', with a MASSIVE, curled collar.