Saturday, September 19, 2020

Just a Diamond in the Rough

While I hold off on posting anything at THOIA to try and understand why post scans there simply will not enlarge, (thanks to Blogger's recent pointless / mandatory update changes), I'll continue to post fun stuff here at AEET-- which for whatever reason seems to work just fine. Anyway, this is a cute little Enesco figurine from late 60's Japan, wonderfully painted and with silky fine hair, and even a REAL DIAMOND glued to his tie. Yep, it's totally real-- I swear! *wink! He's even still got his funny little tag attached, something that a lot of these old Enesco figures are typically missing. 

***UPDATE: Posts here are doing the same thing, when the images below are clicked they open way too small. Anyone have any suggestions why its doing this and how to make it display correctly?


Mr. Karswell said...

Hmmmm, so when you click on my images here at AEET they are opening super small as well... this is super frustrating. Anyone know how to fix this?

Mr. Cavin said...

What's weird is that the inline display image is actually larger than the opened image is. I go to page info and search the media files for the Blogger page, and I get both--presumably neither are the original image size. If I understand the way it used to work, you'd upload a full-size image, and then there would be some editable code to display it on the page at a "width no greater than x" --so it would work automatically with your other formatting. Well, that's still working, apparently. But Google is taking an extra step to reduce the image when I try to view full size. What it seems to be doing is opening at the size to display in their "viewing theater"--sized to fit my screen (but not really)* which is heinous enough. But this time with no access to the full-size file, which seems to be hidden. I can see the different tags in the URLs for the inline display version and the "viewing theater" version, but I can't parse the code as a display% to modify it. Anyway, that's just screwy.

Do you think it is protecting you from theft? I mean, is there a new button that simply says "allow downloads at full size" that isn't clicked? I know this is infuriating help desk 'splaining ("is it plugged in, sir?"), but this very thing messed me up at Flickr once.

* and sure enough, when I try the site on my phone, with the screen in the vertical orientation, the image opens twice as large as the inline display, and I can even zoom into crisp details. So as of right now, my theory is that this is a bug that's only effecting displays in desktop views--a sort of sign o' the times that Blogger is now privileging half-assed mobile browsers over the real thing. Which accounts for all the stupid changes, probably.

Brian Barnes said...

I did some additional testing to add Mr. Cavin, by switching the user agent strings pretending to be different devices. I didn't see any difference when it thought it was an iPhone or desktop, in Safari, so I saw something different than what Mr. Cavin did.

Also noted it behaves differently in Safari or Chrome (this is probably just a google bug.)

None of this helps. This seems to be a google bug, or at least google attempting to be more clever than they should be. I suspect this wasn't fully baked, there are google product forums, you might want to search that:

Or at least start a topic, somebody usually responds.

Yes, like Mr. C above this is probably all infuriating help desk 'splaining.

JMR777 said...

Great going google programmers, just like at work when there is a software update- they don't fix it they effs it.

Programmers need to memorize the old saying "Leave Well Enough Alone" or LWEA in abbreviation speak.

Here's hoping this gets fixed soon, its frustrating for creators and followers alike.

-Great lil' Diamond Jim find, Karswell, thanks for sharing.

Mr. Karswell said...

Thanks for the tips and advice, but here we are a few days later and blogger is still an unbelievable nightmare... THOIA night be (hopefully temporarily) doomed, but I'll keep posting here at AEET in the mean time, mainly because I can post images larger on this main page because of the lay-out template, and images actually don't require clicking to enlarge. Because they won't anyway :/

Todd said...

Glad to know it's just a site issue, and you're holding up all right!