Sunday, December 29, 2019

TV Schedule Family Fun Booklet 1974 (PART TWO)

It's time for PART TWO of the Ward's TV Family Fun Booklet '74, and before we get into the highlights of this week's TV movie programming, let us first delve into a bit of meditation and some sparks of wisdom. We've also got some bird feeding tips and two fun games. Okay? Okay! All done. Can you beat 2 nights of Frankenstein: the True Story starring James Mason and Agnes Moorehead? I remember watching it like it was yesterday, though it may have been on the premiere airing the year before. But also-- The Monkees in HEAD! Night Gallery and Outer Limits! The Maltese Bippy! Bunny Lake is Missing! GOG vs. Goliath vs. the Vampires!!! I've barely even scratched the surface of tv shows and cartoons-- ahhhhh!!! I guess I'll leave those up to you guys, so please share with us what you'll be watching this week as we time travel back to the mid 70's, (see also staying home Dec 31st cuz who cares about New Year's Eve anyway...)

If you missed PART ONE, CLICK HERE!


Craftypants Carol said...

Ugh. I accidentally started looking at that sports column on the first page (shudder), but quickly realized my mistake and moved on.

Man the weekday mornings listings are like all my sick days of yore - laying on the couch and being psyched for all the early morning shows like New Zoo Review, Cartoonville, Capt. Kangaroo. But then getting progressively more weary as the channels all became soap operas and game shows. Except PBS - which would have somewhat interesting stuff on most of the day. And in Portland, from when I was a little kid all the way until I was in my 30s Perry Mason would play on channel 12 at noon. It was one of my fave sick day shows back then and still is.

Ok - so onto the evening programming for Crafty C:

I'd be all about Room 222, Bewitched, Lucy Show, and Truth or Consequences until 8. Then on Monday night I'd def watch Maude, then Rhoda, then Medical Center (prob while flipping to the Frankenstein movie during commercials). I'd prob watch Beverly Hillbillies, and I think I'd have to skip the Monkee's movie for Night Gallery. I'd def watch Bunny Lake is Missing - that movie is so freaking good!

Tues night:

I'd watch Frankenstein Pt 2 and Busy Knitter, then flip over to the Guy Lombardo NYE party until midnight. No way in hell I'm going out around drunk idiots when I could be all cozy at home with a fire in the fireplace, some cocoa, my knitting, and smooth music coming from the analog TV speakers.

Wed night:

I suppose I' start watching The Girl Who Came Giftwrapped at 7:30, then Get Christie Love at 9, and Night Gallery again at 10:30.

Thurs night:

I'd avoid that Yankee vs Dodgers game like the plague and watch The Odd Couple or The Waltons, Streets of San Francisco, then I guess Harry-O, and The Maltese Bippy at 10:30.

Fri night:

7pm Kung Fu, then switch to Chico and the Man at 7:30. But 8 is totally unfair! How am I supposed to choose between Six Million Dollar Man and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang??!! At 10 I'd prob watch Beverly Hillbillies cause I have no idea what Designing Women from 1975 even is. Then at 11 I'd prob fall asleep watching Twist Around the Clock, then wake up with some weird, disorienting scene from Gog playing that would be forever burned in my brain.

And honestly it's nice to see meditation referred to something nice rather than devil worship or whatever people think it is these days.

Awesome post again! Thanks Karswell! Have an awesome NYE at home!

JMR777 said...

You needed to buy or rent half a dozen TVs to take in all the great shows on at once, or if you were rich you could buy one of those new fangled videocassette recorder things from Japan (The Sony U-matic) which sold for $1,395 back in 1971. But back in 1971 $1,395 was the price of a good used car!

Gilligan's Island, Bewitched, Star Trek, Munsters, Three Stooges, Green Acres, these shows were still on the air in the nineties and some are still on today, quality stands the test of time, I guess.

Mr. Cavin said...

I think it's interesting the way they have these listings organized by sports, week and weekend days at the beginning. I've never seen that before. Convenient overview.

There sure are a lot of excellent viewing opportunities here, but I'm pretty sure I'd be tuning into the roller games on Saturday night. I mean, I already did the crossword.

Mr. Karswell said...

Carol: I will always crack up whenever you talk about sports, even negatively especially so, cuz I'm right there with you, gag! And thanks for reminding me to check youtube for The Girl Who Came Giftwrapped!

>some are still on today, quality stands the test of time, I guess.

It's definitely true JMR, but something seems slightly amiss when I can watch this stuff ANY time I want now, vs back in the day whence being forced into watching them the ONLY time I can until probably the next year or so of airing, lol ;)

>I'd be tuning into the roller games on Saturday night.

One of the few "sports" I actually do remembering watching and liking. Same with Bowling for Dollars and our local wrestling show, Wrestling at The Chase... man, I couldn't give a frog's fat ass about professional wrestling these days.

Thanks for the comments, friends! One more post lined up for 2019 and then it's off to the New Roaring 20's! See ya's on the other side!