Saturday, December 28, 2019

TV Schedule Family Fun Booklet 1974 (PART ONE)

Found this neat little TV guide booklet / supplement in a pile of old 70's magazines and newspapers recently. It appears to have been a giveaway to customers that shopped at Ward's Super Markets here in MO. It's full of funny little key art ads, articles, recipes, stories, and even crappy religious advice from somebody named Penelope. But of course the best part is all of that glorious 1974 television programming! Movies and tv shows, and lots of local fare that, even with a limited, minimal amount of channels, really made pre-cable tv days set surfin' something special.

Let's take a look at some stuff to watch, starting with this exact day in 1974 for example, December 28th: like how did we ever choose between Land of the Lost and Valley of the Dinosaurs both on at the same exact time on different channels back in those days? I barely remember. And the entire afternoon of movies on this one day alone is enough to boggle the mind into oblivion: Abbott and Costello, the Bowery Boys, King Kong Escapes, The Vikings, and The Cat People! Evening time is just as jam packed with goodness as Adam West stars on Emergency, plus City of Fear and then heading into the witching hour we still have The Mad Ghoul on our Tales of Terror horror host show!

Lordy be, how can you beat Sunday morning with a big block of Davey and Goliath, Underdog, Goober and the Ghost Chasers, followed by an afternoon / evening split with Charlie Chan and Tarzan, plus, Land of the Giants, Peter Gunn, and more! Let's take a look at what's on the rest of the week in our next post too by CLICKING HERE!


top_cat_james said...

The "Addams Family" and "Partridge Family" listed on the Saturday morning sked weren't repeats of their live-action sitcoms, but rather animated series adaptions by Hanna-Barbera. The PF show was set in the year 2200.

Mr. Cavin said...

Man, Saturday morning cartoons ended at eight thirty am? (Well, I guess they pick back up fora while at ten.) I remember them stretching all the way till the sports at noon.

I like that prime time Star Trek episode a lot, too. But what I'm really intrigued by--besides the wrestling, of course--is this three-hour "Saturday Night in St. Louis" show at twelve thirty Sunday morning. I'll bet that's chock full of nostalgic stuff.

Craftypants Carol said...

Omg this is awesome. And this is like the best Sat lineup ever.

I'd start out by watching Yogi's Gang at 7am. Then...
Scooby Doo at 7:30
Hong Kong Phooey or Jeannie at 8
New Adventures of Gilligan at 8:30
Land of the Lost at 9
Sigmund at 9:30 and I might flip over to Magic Teapot at 9:45. I have no idea what that is but I'm curious.
Flip back and forth between Pink Panther and Harlem Globetrotters at 10
Hudson Brothers at 10:30 - even though I have no idea what that is
Jetsons at 11
Flip between American Bandstand and Fat Albert at 11:30. Oh holy shit and Villa Allegre! I totally remember that.
Mother flipping Soul train at noon
Mission Impossible at 1
The horror movie at 2. I mean seriously who doesn't love a freaking sat afternoon horror movie. omg!
At 4 I guess I'd eat some cereal or something and wait for Cat People to come on.
I'd be tempted by the Celebrity Bowling but I wouldn't flip the channel until Room 222 at 6
Family Affair at 6:30
Emergency! at 7
Adam 12 at 7:30
Mary Tyler Moore at 8
Bob Newhart at 8:30
Carol Burnett at 9
City of Fear at 10:30 - cannister of radio active cobalt FTW!!!
Oh but damn The Last Child at 11 looks really good too
Oh double damn - The Mad Ghoul at 11:15
And I'd prob stay up to catch Neon Ceiling.

Holy crap TV used to be so awesome.

OMG Apple's Way on Sunday night! I'd have to flip between taht and Lawrence Welk fo sho!

Man this is so awesome! I love seeing these old listings!

Mr. Karswell said...

>weren't repeats of their live-action sitcoms, but rather animated series

Love those toons, TC!

>"Saturday Night in St. Louis" show at twelve thirty Sunday morning. I'll bet that's chock full of nostalgic stuff.

Yeah, I would love to rewatch those... there's a STL Zoo show on the schedule as well that I'd be interested in seeing as our zoo has gone through so many changes and renovations over the years, it'd be neat to see what it used to be like.

>Hudson Brothers at 10:30 - even though I have no idea what that is

CPC!!! You don't remember the Hudson Bros Razzle Dazzle show???? AHHH!!! GO NOW:

You must also check out their Totally Out of Control album which is one of my all time faves!!!: