Thursday, July 18, 2019

Vintage Burial Vault Sample

I found this vintage burial vault sample last week, the kind that salesmen used to lug around in brief cases back in the day to sell to those looking to further preserve their recently deceased loved ones a'headin' for their eternal beddin'. It's about the size of a loaf of bread, and though small, it seriously weighs as much as a full sized tombstone (whew!), and though "Concrete Certified" may typically guarantee quality, judging from the giant crack in the bottom of the vault in the last pic, I'd say the water (and worms) still found a way to creep on in-- eeek! I also have no idea what the lid says, but this was definitely a neat find at the antique mall, it's not everyday you stumble upon something odd and a bit creepy like this-- and hopefully it's not used! RIP

And we need something to put inside the vault too, don't we? How about this "hillarious" vintage Coffin Bank-- it's just about the right size and already contains an occupant too!


Nequam said...

I can just about make out "New Bethlehem Burial Service" for the first two lines. You might want to do a charcoal rubbing on that plate...

Mr. Cavin said...

What I get is


Here's a newer version. They're still in business, and they have a Facebook page. I think this sample is really neat. I never imagined such a thing, and I am not too sure the utility of making them so heavy. They'd make great garden ornaments, though. I would definitely have to bury my skeletons and Dracula toys in these. Though as you say, I could hardly feel safe about it with that big, plot-thickening crack in the bottom letting them all back out again.

JMR777 said...

I never, and I mean Never, thought anyone would make something like this, let alone make it as a sample for undertakers to offer their customers.

I could imagine Digby "Digger" O'Dell, "The Friendly Undertaker" from the radio show "The Life of Riley" offering this. It, much like Digger O'Dell, has the perfect blend of creepiness and gallows humor.