Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Race Up Molar Mountain

I found this super fun, tooth protection promotional / giveaway comic in a stack of regular old comics a few weeks ago. Produced by Colgate in 1978, the first part of the booklet features a fast paced and very exciting (aka wonderfully illustrated) car race adventure against some dirty old, souped-up, booby trap layin', cavity creeps-- while the last half takes us deep into the dentist office (and your mouth) for even more... umm... fun! The back cover ad has additional mail order items like a Molar Mountain poster, as well as a Colgate cavity prevention kit shaped like a car!

Ladies and gentlemen, hide your candy bars and start your engines-- the race is ON!


Mr. Cavin said...

Ha ha, a dentist comic book! It's amazing how many weird little things exist. This one is so cool. Is it formatted like a Chick Tract, bound along the top edge into a tiny comic, or what? Is that first page the cover

Tom said...

I found a Colgate flexi record a few years ago featuring "Tuffy Tooth". I wonder if they're brothers or did Colgate decided to soften "Tuffy" and turn him into "Happy".

Mr. Karswell said...

Yes, formatted exactly like a Chick tract, but minus the dumb religious stuff, haha

I remember your post, Tom-- I even commented on it! :)