Thursday, December 6, 2018

Shine Satan's Hooves

Okay, they're not hooves, they're boots-- also, it's not Satan-- it's Santa! And now that I have your aroused attentions, I guess it's time to finally get this xmas ball a'rollin' 'round here. Lots of things to do, and games to play, even a recipe-- and this time we've got a lot of singing as well, so warm up those pipes, peeps! Plus, the endlessly fun art is always the real highlight to these these old kid mags as you well know... scans from Humpty Dumpty Dec. '65 and '67 to be exact. Hail Santa!

*some scans may appear warped, dingy, or blurry due to water damage-- sorry!
--Mr. K


Craftypants Carol said...

These images are all so freaking cute! I really love the kids looking out the window

Mr. Cavin said...

Both of those covers are great. I thought Humpty Dumpty was one hundred percent Halloween issues all year long. It's okay, though.

Merry Sinterklaas or Nicholmas or whatever the heck today is called.

JMR777 said...

Shine Satan's Hooves i.e. Satan's Claws, that made me think of the tale 'Dollie' from Creepy Magazine #90 1977, where ol' Scratch masquerades as Santa and gives out terror toys to tots. Dollie was online at one time but I can't find it now.

Krampus featured with Santa in Humpty Dumpty, the perfect gift for a Marilyn Manson Christmas.

All kidding aside, these Humpty Dumpty pages are a real treat, thanks for the post as always Mr K!

Mr. Karswell said...

Dollie is in the THOIA archive from 2007, right here: