Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Lil Diner's Dictionary Dude

Super-Sized Saturdays are back (today only), and what that means is that I find something in my collection that is itty bitty and I scan the itty bitties up 600% and make them largie wargies. So after you're done throwing up from my senseless baby waby tawk, scroll down and take a looksie wooksie at the great little key art illustrations of our cartoon connoisseur guide from the Berlitz Diner's Dictionary, dated 1961, and fantastically illustrated by Art Seiden. See as our teeny man with the orderly plan travels the earth, not only ordering food, but ordering it in the language of said countries! "Che cos consiglia?" "Encore, sil vous plait!" "Schweinebraten!!!" And whether he's crawling like a snail for a plate of escargot, showing off his sifuly talents with some Chinese chopsticks, or simply hanging out with the doomed livestock, he sounds smart and worldly even though he looks like one of Chris Ware's gloriously sad sack characters from the Acme Novelty Library. Yes, follow him now, unloosen that ugly American tongue-- an adventure for your taste buds awaits! And don't forget the Zantac. Buon' appetito!


Crafty C said...

Omg! That lil guy is so cute! And you know the chopsticks one is my fave :)

Mr. Cavin said...

He is great!

My fave is the one where he's dumping that genie into the chili pot. She pours out so slow, you gotta give the bottom a little thump! And talk about spicy hot! I also love that gendarme on the back cover.

Stephanie said...

Love.. him walking the pig makes me smile :)

JMR777 said...

I've got it -

this guy's son is known to us as Where's Waldo. He taught Waldo everything he knows as far as
how to appear in the most unexpected places.

(Haven't seen Where's Waldo in a long time, maybe he mastered the art of invisibility?)

Mr. Karswell said...

Ha! My favorites are of course any of them featuring him wearing a big floppy chef hat and whippin' up some delicacies! I'm also a fan of him riding a bike while clinging to a baguette.

Thanks for the comments, something else fun and cute up next too! :)