Thursday, April 6, 2017

Famous Barr, Xmas Dec. '67 (PROM Magazine PART 1)

Here we have a half dozen fun pictures of groovy local St. Louis MO cuties hanging out at a Famous Barr department store (downtown location) in December 1967, hence the reason that jolly 'ol St. Nick is seen creepin' around in the backgrounds. And yes, apparently the pet shop at Famous sold monkeys! These are scanned from a cool STL magazine I picked up recently called PROM, a monthly 10 cent zine aimed exclusively at the youth of our fair city, and according to the cover blurb (see our next post), PROM magazine was read by 92.5% of all the "under 19 year olds" in town! That's a pretty faithful readership :) --more from this mag up next!

(Girls pictured: Judi Wessel, Colleen Schoendienst, Carolyn Phillips, and Donna Grief)

FAR-OUT BONUS PHOTO from the Leggy Looks Show, as featured in the previous issue!


Mr. Cavin said...

Love these turtleneck-and-apron uniforms these ladies are wearing. I'm imagining an Easter chicky yellow-over-eggshell combo, but that's just because I don't want to admit that they're probably only really mall elves. The one who is monkey shopping has a distinctly Emma Peel feel to her. I hope she's Donna Grief. What a great name.

When I was first dating Sunshine, we used to visit a little pet store in Roanoke, VA (where she did one semester in 1997--holy cow twenty years ago next week!). That place had a couple of lovely, healthy, Ring-Tailed lemurs and a Capuchin monkey. I'm not sure whether the lemurs were for sale at the time, but the monkey was a store pet, and went home with the owners when they sold their livestock and closed up shop in 2010, something I learned a minute ago when I looked the place up. By the time the store closed, exotic species trade was increasingly regulated by federal and state laws, and the lemurs were zoo creatures on loan. I am not sure that was the case in the mid-nineties. Back then those prosimians might have been animals we could actually purchase. Sunshine did purchase some kind of gecko at that place, and it accompanied us here and there in a little plastic cage for the next several years.

Tom said...

Great photos and great find. Would you mind if I posted a link to here in the St. Louis History FB page? I think they'd love to see the pictures.

Mr. Karswell said...

I want a pet gecko!!

Sure, Tom, thanks! :) I'll have more from this mag in the next post too

Craftypants Carol said...

Awesome! PROM must have been one groovy mag!

Tom said...

Thanks, Mr. Karswell. Your post was a hit! If you're on Facebook, the group is

Mr. Karswell said...