Sunday, December 11, 2016

Petite Gourmet

There sure are a lot of fun recipes in this 40-page Petite Gourmet booklet from the 50's/60's: Alabama Biscuits, Crazy Cake, Quick Corn Piggies, Gashouse Eggs, and Fattigmand's Bakelse (aka Poor Man's Cake) just to name a few-- inquiring chefs feel free to drop me a line-- but what I really like here are the cute though sorta rough little drawings of our petite gourmette herself slaving away in the kitchen (cover signature says Idelson.) She looks so incredibly sweet, whether whipping up a sea food salad, or eating a late night sandwich while watching the pubic hair channel! Back cover of the booklet mentions a "Jovial Joe" as the fab designer / printer-- anyone know if he's the illustrator too?


Mr. Cavin said...

The lettering is excellent, too!

Craftypants Carol said...


I love the last image in front of the tv. That is sooooo me!

Mr. Karswell said...

The Jr Alliance of Children's Foster Care Services thank you for your comments!