Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Electric Company Joke Book (PART ONE)

Follow Easy Reader and all of your favorite Electric Company gang through this hilariously corny collection of jokes (brilliantly illustrated by the great Jack Rickard) from this super lil Golden Book published in 1973. I'll have the rest of the gags in our next PART TWO post coming up ASAP!

( be continued!)


Bob Johns said...

Oh this is great stuff!!

Mr. Cavin said...

Awesome! Always loved Rickard's stuff. For someone who is so Jack Davisy--in the projects he did, in his method of caricature, in his figure drawing--he really manages to mark out a look that is pretty distinct--that fine pen line, the lightly markered colors, the comparative lack of junk-strewn dishevelment. Well, that football picture might be skewing a little close to Davis. Or perhaps I have that backwards. I really have no idea which genius illustrator came first. But it's likely they sat near one another during a pretty formative era.

Man, I loved the Electric Company. They made the best magazine in the early seventies. I liked it better than Pizzazz or Dynamite. I know this was a Little Golden Book, but it still made me hie across the internet looking at covers from my childhood. Can't wait for part two.

Mr. Karswell said...

Thanks Bob! More great stuff from Part Two is now up!

And I totally agree Mr. C-- Rickard was always one of my favorites from MAD Magazine as well, his covers were always the best (example: The Ultimate Horror Movie pizza cover from MAD 237, which I've posted both here and at THOIA ) --be sure to google his name for more!

Thanks for the comments!