Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Now Vegas ('72)

Ok, we learned some fancy dance moves in our last post, now it's time to take 'em to the #1 night spot in the world, (circa '72) and try them out in Las freakin' Vegas! Set coordinates of the AEET time machine-- and here we go again!!!

After a few hours of hip swayin' and hair flingin' ourselves into a frenzy in the beautiful Sky Room at the Desert Inn, we quickly realize such sweaty antics might be better left to the professionals, (see Charo or The Starlighters), so personally I'm slowing things down and bit with a steak dinner and a Geisha'Rella oriental topless review! And since I'm always in show mode, and a huge fan of The Brady Bunch, I'll be rounding out my night with Florence Henderson at the Landmark Theatre, and then maybe if old man Karswell isn't too tuckered-out, a 1:30am rock-out with the Coquettes over at the Showboat!

What're your plans on this AEET trip back in time?


Craftypants Carol said...

If I wasn't dancing in the Desert Inn Sky Room, I'd sure as hell be either watching the Starlighters at The Starlight Lounge or gorging at The Bountiful Buffet at The Frontier Hotel. The Geisha'Rella show looks pretty awesome too!

Brian Barnes said...

OK, Charo, "the shapely blond bombshell/Dynamic Mrs Cugat." Love Boat guest. etc, etc. Kind of a one note joke to a lot of people.

She could play the hell out of the classical guitar. Take it from one trained in it. She was trained by Segovia. SEGOVIA! Was she professional level? No, but that level is reserved for few -- she was damn good. She had a boat load of musical talent.

And yet she's the second act to Buddy $!^@%!@ Hackett!

No justice in this world!

JMR777 said...

Oh to visit Las Vegas in that golden moment in time.

Note to Mr. Peabody, to heck with travelling back in time to learn the history of the world, Peabody and Sherman would have made a fortune taking tourists from this day and age and sending them back to Vegas circa 1972 via the WAYBACK (and for an extra Grand or so let the time travelers know which slot machine to play, which horse to bet on, etc).

Mr. Karswell said...

Not as awesome as the Geisha-Ette Show!

Mr. Cavin said...

I would damn sure have to see Dionne Warwicke (though that extra E might be Vegas code for an impersonator?) and also the Starlighters. Like to catch Charo too, just so long as I can fit it all in between my free champagne dinner and my free champagne breakfast.