Friday, August 21, 2015

Ed Fisher's First Folio

If you enjoyed our last post, "Paperbacking the Classics", then you'll hopefully get a kick out of these additional gag and key art highlights also from Ed Fisher's First Folio collection published by The Macmillan Company in 1959. Collecting the best of his 50's output for Harper's, Look, Punch, The Saturday Review, Sports Illustrated, This Week, Trump, and The New Yorker, dig the great range of visual styles and silly black humor that will undoubtably set a few of you out and about in search of a copy for your own. (Pssst! The butler did it!)


Brian Barnes said...

Lot of good gags here. The reindeer one tickled my fancy the most!

JMR777 said...

The eighth one gave me a good belly laugh, and it is so poignant with the race for the White House starting to heat up.

Which (witch?) political party does this cartoon mock??? Both of them!

All of these cartoons are great! Thanks for finding this!

Mr. Cavin said...

These are all super. I think, and this could be the climate talking, that I liked the satanic political convention best. But the T-Men in the opium den and the very simple one with the underwater mountie were also close contenders. All the art is just gangbusters. Thanks. Might need to track down my own copy at that.

DBenson said...

There's another one, "Ed Fisher's Domesday Book", published 1961. Same high level of wit; here and there he experiments with different styles.

Drazen said...

Great! I always like a opium den of thieves.

Craftypants Carol said...

most of these are really cute! (or darkly cute)

i love the first one with the kids worshiping their god - that's hilarious! and the pyramid one is cute too :)

and i see a g-file one in there too!