Friday, April 25, 2014

They Taste So-o-o Good! (PART ONE)

A fun booklet recently acquired from the great NW, this one bursting with bright and sparkling artwork (uncredited), plus deliciously colorful photography showcasing tasty recipes, ideas, and hints for appetizers, salads, and main courses, all cooked in Planters Edible Oil! I have to say, I love the mid 50's Mr. Peanut character-- the realistic versions on the cover are neato, but I simply adore the illustrated versions :) In our PART TWO post coming up next, we'll see more super header art 'n pics with a finger lickin' focus on sandwiches, frying variations, and baking.


Crafty C said...


i seriously love those live action mr. peanuts on the front. they would make great finger puppets.

my fave illus in here are the pineapples (of course) and all those super fab oil bottles!!! man i love those!

and i cant remember what's all in those gelatin fruit cubes but i kinda remember being a little freaked out but also intrigued cause i think the peanut oil plays a somewhat big part in the recipe. i'll have to check.

Mr. Cavin said...

None too sure about salad cubes over here, either. But I love pictures of them! Every other thing about this is seriously great, too (but those headers are even better). My favorite page is the title, within its warm wreath o' plenty. And my favorite part of that must be that Easter egg-looking chicken, though the fish and shrimps are also charming as hell (and the pineapple, natch). Perhaps the pepper mill has wondered a little too close to the spaghetti, though--it looks like at automatic noodle winder. Sounds pretty fifties to me!

Mr. Karswell said...

My faves too, both of you-- but personally I'm all into that guy from the Main Courses image (lots more cute human illos in part two, too!)

Man, I've been craving pizza all day now after scanning that page!!

Anonymous said...

Cookbooks from this era are always hilarious! Karswell and friends might enjoy the similar but even worse culinary abominations to be found here:

Mr. Karswell said...

We're actually very open to all types of strange food preparations around these parts, from any era, so it would have to be something incredibly awful to turn my stomach. I've yet to see anything that I wouldn't at least try first