Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fun Franks

Man, I never realized how unadventurous I've been with my wieners until I saw this super fun Eckrich Fun Franks booklet published sometime (I'm guessing) in the 60's or 70's. I mean yeah, I've broiled, boiled, BBQ'd and microwaved hot dogs, I've also eaten them cold right out of the package. I've sliced 'n diced them in Mac n Cheese, and beans, as well as fried with scrambled eggs-- but somehow it never occurred to me to put them on pizza-- or in pancakes-- or in soup! So take a few tips from our adorably illustrated young lady here as she guides you through 20+ pulse-pounding pages of pure 'n plump, hot diggity, dog diggity heaven!


Crafty C said...

my fave thing to eat when i was in high school was sliced hot dogs in a bowl with bbq sauce and then nuked for about a minute. i haven't tried a lot of these ways of slipping the hot dogs in either (ha) but the Triangle Toasties and Potato Salad and Cole Slaw ideas all sound pretty good. not to mention anything here with any kind of sweet and sour/bbq sauce. i'll let you know if i try any of them.

i love the image of the woman watering her garden! and the casserole coming out of the oven with the groovy striped pants :)

Mr. Karswell said...

For some reason my favorite illo of her is the one where she's all caught up in a hot dog salad seated happy dance moment.

I'm gonna try the hot dogs on pizza thing today... just gotta head out and buy a cheese pizza.

Mr. Cavin said...

You know, judging by the watering can's matching pattern, I'd say she's baking those casseroles in a flower pot. Which seems like a perfectly good idea to me.

I like the one where she's skewer fighting in her capris. Shishbuckling?

Mr. Karswell said...



Who's ready for Xmas in July?

Crafty C said...

I am! But not till after tomorrow!