Thursday, July 4, 2024

Takara's Sirene

Talking all things Go Nagi with Mr. Cavin a few weeks back reminded me about this Japanese Silene aka Sirene kit (produced by Takara) that I purchased a couple of years back, but for whatever reason just never featured here at AEET. Beautifully packaged, and according to the finished photos of her on the back of the box, it looks to be one of the coolest, most highly articulate Devilman related toys ever created of her. But dang, this thing requires so much fine cutting, and intricate assembly / detail work, (who wants to exacto blade those double-sided head feathers and every claw nail for me?!) --I'm almost afraid to even begin tackling her. Someday I will of course, but in the meantime, if anyone can even find any other images online of a finished version, I'd sure love to see 'em. The internet sometimes seems oddly void of basic information and pictures regarding some things, even something as awesome as this lovely creature of evil...


Brian Barnes said...

You opened the box??? What kind of collector are you! For shame!!!!

Joking aside, I'm with you, I could imagine being able to cut out all those details, especially those head feathers. I'd for sure mess up multiple times.

The face is a really good sculpt, though, she's got a real evil look. I like how she has what is probably a general purpose doll body and comes with feet/hands/etc to turn her into Sirene. That's some real economy there!

JMR777 said...

That looks like Belial Barbie, don't want to mess with that chick!

Would it be possible to 3D scan and then 3D print the body accessories, along with the original body?
If that can be done, you would end up with a flock of Silene/Sirene clones, all the while leaving the original intact.

Mr. Cavin said...

Yeah, the amount of work they task you with there is just merciless. And this thing looks so great in the box anyway! I know I'd never consider finishing it.

The head styling sure is super. I think this model looks like an evil Jun the Swan. Go Nagai's Gatchaman! Collect them all!

Mr. Karswell said...

>You opened the box??? What kind of collector are you

Well, it was used and already opened, so I hope that answers the question, sorta...

>Would it be possible to 3D scan and then 3D print

I suppose anything is possible, except that I don't have a 3D printer-- wahhhh!!

>I think this model looks like an evil Jun the Swan

Haha, Jun's been dabbling' with Satanism again