Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Time for a fun superhero oddity from 1950's Glasgow-- it's the Sensational Acromaid in her one and only ever appearance, fighting evil in her crimson pirate boots and lovely, long red locks! This fanzine style comic book was originally published by Cartoon Art, who existed from the mid 40's to the mid 50's, and produced original material mixed with various reprints from more well known UK / US publishers. She's a really interesting character with a crude but wonderfully amatuer, old timey meets 70's underground comic vibe. I wish there were more Acromaid adventures!


Brian Barnes said...

This is interesting, I've never seen or heard of this. I read a lot of the early 2000 AD stuff from England, and even in the 80s UK books were always a bit weird in their pacing; for as many absolutely masters of the craft that came out of England it's weird that their comics were (IMHO) a bit yanky. Hell, Alan Moore grew up on this!

I like the use of the limited color set here, especially making our super hero have red hair.

Cobra is a real Will Eisner type lady!

Thanks for posting this, it's a really neat thing to see.

Mr. Cavin said...

I love it. I love the custom three-color printing, I love the fashion, I love the fact that the key art for the women's lips is held out of the black pass and printed in the red. I am a little stumped why they only used their blue screen for shading--this might have played even better if every character hadn't been wearing the same color. But whatever; I still love it.

I love the splash! One of the things I remember about hentai is that sometimes, instead of blurring out things that could not be tastefully printed, artists would simply not draw them. Hair and other anatomical details were ignored. Sometimes during erotic scenes the men were erased altogether--which served the needs of censorship and made it easier to ogle the women better.

That must be why the hospital staff in that operating theater are committing surgery on an empty table, yeah? Brilliant! No gross gore or whatever, just clean white bed sheets.

JMR777 said...

Publisher - Draw me a comic featuring a superheroine!

Artist - What are her super powers?

Publisher - As long as she defeats the bad guys and readers buy the comic, who cares?

I can only guess that Acromaid was meant to be good girl art masquerading as an adventure comic, not that such an idea hasn't been done before.