Sunday, September 3, 2023

Lil Miss Liberty

Halloween sure is coming up fast, but you're the one girl on the block who likes July 4th even better! Your enthusiasm for patriotism, and love of the 'ol red, white, 'n blue overshadows all of the other girls who are into silly things like Holly Hobbie and Josie & the Pussycats! Why, you have a Statue of Liberty collection that outshines your brother's monster model kit collection by miles! What to do, what. to. do. What to be, what. to. be. Okay, you guys can see where this idiotic intro is going... I picked this up today for $15 and can't wait to stick it on a mannequin next summer and shoot bottle rockets out of her eye sockets. I'm guessing this was originally sold in 1976, and for the price of only $1.98 at Mattingly's, as well! And with that "hip, hip, hooray!" stars 'n stripes "Americana" box design, we also SEE! the past and future collide with Laura Ingalls on one side, and an astronaut on the other! Okay, pipe down now, can't ya tell that Ben Cooper totally put his name on the lid in a pentagram to remind you that this is still for All Hallow's Eve after all?! Jeez.


Mr. Karswell said...

FYI: Any inflatable sex doll jokes made at the expense of the mask design will not be approved (Brian!)

Brian Barnes said...

Great now I have to throw away a whole page of jokes!

I love how "ventilated mask" is expensive sounding short hand for "nose holes!"

Mr. Cavin said...

At the bicentennial this was some kind of America Clown Face, but now everybody's eyebrows look just like that. This lady could use some Chap Stick though. The poor dear is obviously cracking.

I say this a lot, but I love the frock! I can't wait to see this on a mannequin.

JMR777 said...

$1.98 back in 1976 would be $10.64 today per an online inflation calculator, you didn't overpay Karswell considering it is in such great shape for a costume nearly 50 years old.

I didn't have Mattingly's near me growing up, but there was a Kresge five and dime nearby, I guess they were more or less the same type of retail setup.