Sunday, April 30, 2023

"I Was a Witch!"

If you just hopped over (on your broomstick, of course!) from The Horrors of it All, then you see we are indeed already celebrating Mr. Karswell's blasphemous birthday tomorrow, as well as Walpurgisnacht, with an appropriately weird, witchy tale from the August 1952 issue of House of Mystery #5. So come own down, burn the midnight fires this evening, --and we will see you for much more in May!


Brian Barnes said...

Actually, if this was all true, what would end up happening to Roy? What crime did he commit? I think it's be pretty impossible to get any of this though a jury, which makes Roy's incredibly overwrought plan all the better.

Attempted murder? Good luck proving that!

So let's say Roy gets away with it -- so his story to art galleries is that his sister, the suicidal witch, gave him these painting powers? What if anybody asks him to prove it? Man, Roy, Scooby-doo bad guys had better plans!

His plan is, in one regard, genius for not getting caught but stupid for end result!

Happy Birthday my friend!

JMR777 said...

Happy Birthday Karswell!
All of us a AEET and THOIA would have chipped in for a Dorian Gray type portrait of you, but the artist was booked up solid for the next few years (isn't it always that way?)

Make it a Happy Happy Birthday!

Mr. Cavin said...

Wow, I love the splash here. And also that crazy witchy epiphany panel at the top right of page five. Man, the inking on this one is pitch dark, not only with many panels disappearing into solid crush, but every now and then it's obvious that they then colored over those inky pools in cyan and magenta passes. You may not know this, but crappy old print presses running crappy old newsprint had certain caps for just how much ink coverage could be slathered on a page. The wetter a page gets heading over print rollers over and over, the more likely it would be to curl up and jam, causing time loss and monetary damage. (Also, more ink per page just means more readers had to wash their hands after use.) I can't imagine this comic did not break all the house rules regarding color coverage per page. It's amazing it's registered as well as it is.

Happy belated May Day! And BIRTHDAY, of course!

Doc Briar said...

Happy Birthday, Karswell. I’m too young to have been an EC fanaddict but I’m proud to be a Karswell Ko-Konspirator.