Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Girls of Core Driller '61

I recently found a full set of these amazing "Core Driller" newsletters from 1961. Mailed out 6 times a year to employees of the George E. Failing Company, this 4 page fold-out contained the latest in who, what, and where when of everything rotary rig, portable, hole drilling related. Including photos of workmen on the job with their massive drill rigs, chairmen of the board at meetings and drilling exhibits, the latest in state of the art equipment updates, --not to mention lots and lots of funny one panel cartoon gags (which we'll take a look at in our next post.) Of course the real highlight of these newsletters for me, --and probably much to the delight of every mailman on route who got to deliver these gems-- was the attractive models adorning every cover of the newsletter address page. And here they are in all of their gorgeous, long-legged, core drillin' glamour, representing seasons as well as monthly occasions. Clearly a fun company to work for!


Brian Barnes said...

Can we have one winter pin-up without the pervy snowman???

Sept-Oct is very non-committal on whom she's cheering for! At least her legs are so sexy that they actually break the space-time continuum and disappear into the background.

Looks like they drew skates on nov-dec (and I'm not exactly sure about that hat, either.)

Fun stuff!

Mr. Cavin said...

I love the drunken sun on the July/Aug mailer.

Mr. Karswell said...

Scanner's acting weird so I'll get to the interior gags from these booklets as soon as I can... in the meantime, more boudoir dolls up next! Thanks for the comments :)

Captain Blog said...

That carrot nose looks a little…happy.