Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Screamingly vs. Screaming

 Time to pit a sexy, screamingly funny vintage card game vs. a screaming Super 8 film reel. Can you stand the heat, the horror, --the screaming??!! Just more random stuff I've found over the last few months, so scream with me at these beautifully illustrated cards, and / or get screamed at by a disembodied skull-- the choice is yours! Watch the Screaming Skull Super 8 version HERE!


Brian Barnes said...

B&W Sound? How does that work?

Ah Screaming Skull, a staple of early horror hosts, saw that one a number of times. MST3K made it infinitely more watchable!

Love the cards, super cute clean "sexy" art. Is that 70s? I will say the single black lady is in "jungle" duds with ... bananas. Yeah, OK, I'll have to let that one slide. The "Are you happy" one makes me regret letting one slide!

"Do you often feel the urge" is a dead wringer for Illyana Rasputina from Marvel comics.

Cute stuff!

Mr. Cavin said...

Down in front! I love THE SCREAMING SKULL without any riffing. I also love the cover of this pack of cards--but it strikes me as strange that the illustration depicts a normal deck.

How do you play this, anyway? Somebody lays down a red-suited question card, and the next has to discard a blue suited hilarious answer? I feel like that makes for pretty repetitive gameplay. I also noted the uncomfortable race card. I think that it might could be explained away as sexy cosplay, but only if there were more women of color depicted here. "That's not racism, just regular objectification!"

I do note that the "night and day" card also features a black woman.

Wendy said...

You've really been finding some treasures lately, Mr. Karswell! "The Screaming Skull" is a classic (and you just can't beat the artwork here). I'm also always a sucker for that 60s/70s style of bordering-on-risque ladies art -- too much fun! (It was very considerate of them to toss in that one lone hunky dude, lol.)

Craftypants Carol said...

Karswell!! You have to tell us how the game is played!!!! Is it the kind of game where you play with couples and do outrageous things, like kiss the person to your left? I like those games.

And I freaking love the illustrations so much!

I love the pic of the screaming scull title too :)

JMR777 said...

What little info I could find about this neat card game.

Card game "La Grivoise"

Risqué card game made in at least 2 editions by Grimaud, called “La Grivoise,” which translates “ribald” or “saucy.” ....there is the set of cards listed here, also made by Grimaud, that dates c.1973 and features the more aggressive artwork of James Hodges, an artist who has provided the designs for quite a few decks of cards.

As with the earlier game, this game consists of 16 question cards for men, and 16 answer cards for women; ....I believe that the object of the game is ultimately to match the (women’s) answers to the (men’s) questions, and to enjoy the humor that attends mismatches. If this game ever had instructions there are none now.

Website listing this information is left off this post, without approval from Karswell I won't post it. I won't show disrespect to this site or Karswell, he does so much for all of us the last thing I would want to do is be disrespectful.

Mr. Karswell said...

Thanks for the info JMR! I did indeed check my own deck and yeah, no instructions included for sure —I usually always try to include stuff like that if it’s available. Mad respect for the researchers out there! Haha

JMR777 said...

Us researchers would have nothing to research without your posts and hard work, Karswell, and as always, thanks for the great posts!