Friday, November 13, 2020

Useless Gifts for Monsters!

Here's a funny little one page quickie from the May 1981 issue of Archie's Mad House #124... other funny concepts could be a can of bug spray for The Fly, deodorant for a zombie, or a roll of toilet paper for a mummy. Eww. Sooo, anyone got some better ideas than me? I'm sure everybody. Oh, and the reason I posted this is because my good pals and co-editin' team extraordinaire, Craig 'n Clizia, recently gifted me with the original art for this perfectly monstrous page! Thank Yoes!!!


Mr. Cavin said...

Season passes for the Phantom! 3D Spex for the Trollenberg Horror! Uh... water wings for Jaws?

Man, that original art board is really great! What a groovy--and quite useful--present. The mole Man panel cracks me up.

Bill the Butcher said...

A sleeping pill for Cthulhu

Climbing gear for King Kong

Liver tonic for the Mummy

Feather comb for the Jurassic Park version Velociraptor

A fallout shelter for Gojira

A book called How To Live Longer for a zombie

A self defence course for Moby Dick.

Brian Barnes said...

I'm always up for that realistic but cartoon-y look. The artist really nails the "come on, man, really?!?!" look on the monsters. Dracula is my favorite, he's more ... disappointed that angry!

I love seeing artboards, thanks!