Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Horror Study

Another 70's blacklight poster from the Karswell Kollection is this brilliantly creepy college from Western Graphics titled "Horror Study" (Cat. No. 388.) The massive grinning skull that creates the central focal point here is only the beginning! Gaze into the boney visage, because a petrifying plethora of horrors await: classic monsters of Hollywood, torture chambers, mad scientists, cannibal landscapes, and even Death himself!

I've had this one since I was 9, and it's actually managed to remain in decent condition over the years, despite spending a few decades folded up in a drawer! CLICK HERE for another one I posted way back in 2012!


Mr. Cavin said...

Whoa, that's really groovy. It's a little strange that there is no real overriding aesthetic here. But the refreshing, "anything goes" sort of visionary amateurism on display is really gritty. Like a band flyer or punk ass green room mural. I think I like the group of action lab monsters on the right side of the skull best. But the crazy yellow-faced drag god rising over castle Dracula is pretty damn cool, too.

Brian Barnes said...

Every once and a while I see something that I can only describe as "too cool for me." OK, that's a lot of things but this poster tops the list!

Craftypants Carol said...

Damn that's neat!