Saturday, February 9, 2019

Donkey Kong Overload!

Some of you already know that I collect Donkey Kong related stuff (click HERE for my awesome coin bank), and today I scored an overload of great items: a board game, a puzzle, a stuffed DK, and a complete sticker / scratcher card set. Some of these I didn't even know existed until today:

PLUS: the original "Do the Donkey Kong" 45 single by Buckner and Garcia:

Click HERE to totally rock out!!


anthrax2525 said...

I had an old Milton Bradley 3D board game for Donkey Kong way back when.

Mr. Cavin said...

I love it when they base board games on other kinds of games. Very meta. I like the way this card game looks, too. The box art is excellent, and I guess you lay down the ladder structure as you play? Kind of like dominoes. I think you should dress up in an ape suit and do tarot readings with that deck next Halloween.

I think my favorite thing from your haul is the sliding tile puzzle. I love those anyway, and this one is so wonderfully (slightly?) off-model. It strikes me that the original 8-bit characters would actually work really well on a puzzle like this.

Mr. Karswell said...

I'll relay the news as soon as I get a chance to actually play the board game. I'll have to look into the 3D game. Workin' on adding couple more items to the DK collection too-- coming soon!

And thanks again for the comments :)